You Are LOVED!

At the age of five, Dr. Mary Asterita Robol, remembers each Saturday going to her Catholic Church with her Italian aunts to prepare the sanctuary for the Sunday sacred service of Holy Mass. Even at this young age she knew this was preparation for a dedicated life of service as a nun. However, her inner “knowing” motivated her to search for answers that she was unable to resolve within herself while being “instructed” at the convent.

Throughout her 18 years as a nun, she secretly read books on metaphysics, philosophy, and esoteric spirituality which only led to more questions. This prompted her to explore the worlds of science, medicine, mathematics, and even quantum physics, leading her to an understanding of how spirituality and consciousness explains the entire phenomenon that we experience as reality!

What if you learned you no longer were at the mercy of anything? And that this has been kept secret since 1927! Truly, you are a powerful creator and do create your own destiny! This has been proven by this fascinating and confounding phenomenon that Dr. Mary has explored in quantum science. She makes this very easy for you to understand – particularly, how it pertains to changing your life. When you perceive yourself as a great being made of unlimited potential, determined by spiritual vibrations not genetics, without limitation, you come away with amazing knowledge. And knowledge is power!

What limits you are your own beliefs! Learn the latest quantum scientific secrets, just released to the public, to aid you in overcoming any limiting beliefs.

Not only does Dr. Mary embody the vast knowledge of a scientist, doctor and spiritual scholar, she is also an accomplished piano and “Angel Harp” musician. Her autoharp is tuned to angel energies that integrate the highest vibration of musical tones in the realms of universal love and light. Her music aids in vibrational balancing and healing.