The Light Center Labyrinth

Labyrinths are found all over the world and have as their basis, SacrChartres Labyrinthed Geometry. They have been found in many different forms and sizes throughout human history. Traditionally, the labyrinth is found in many sacred sites and places of power worldwide. The Chartres Cathedral built in France around 1200 AD is very popular and known for its large eleven circuits (circular pathways) structure. Our labyrinth here in Smithfield, is built as a replica of the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth in both dimensions and number of circular pathways. It has, in addition, a magnificent sacred geometry centerpiece made of 3000 glass mosaic pieces put together by a local artist.   The labyrinth is essentially a Spiritual tool. It is a pathway to walk to a midpoint, which symbolizes the seeker’s “center” — a place of silent reflection and, then, a walk on the same pathway back out to the starting point. Labyrinths have been walked by thousands of pilgrims throughout the ages and can symbolically be experienced as a journey of Initiation, Reflection, Renewal and Rebirth.

Chartres style Labyrinth

Chartres style Labyrinth

Walking a labyrinth can be experienced in many ways. One way is to start the walk by focusing inward and listening to the “still small voice” within. As we progress toward the center, we may explore our inner thoughts and feelings, while becoming aware of and releasing any stress, anxiety and burdens that may be present. The center of the labyrinth can be a place of reflection, silence, clarity and solitude. There, one can spend as much time as needed. On the way back out, feelings of renewal and being more in alignment with our goals in life may be experienced. One can realize more creativity and more energy along with a sense of calmness, peace and rejuvenation.   In essence, the labyrinth is a very personal experience. The sacred space it provides is strong, empowering and safe. It is a powerful Spiritual tool which provides us with a chance to dream new dreams and open up a new creative modality within ourselves. The labyrinth can help us to become more in tune with our “inner voice” and receive the ideas and inspirations that come directly from our true Spiritual nature. It augments the journey in which all of us are on in life.   In the vicinity of our labyrinth here in Smithfield, is a beautiful outdoor chapel and a flower of life gazebo. You are invited to visit the labyrinth and chapel at your convenience. Just send us an email when you wish to visit the labyrinth and/or chapel and we will provide you with the information that you need.

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