Smithfield Light Center

Our Meditation Gatherings

Our Meditation Gatherings are held twice per month (generally)
Readings  on the second Saturday ( 2:00pm to 4:00pm )
Meditations on the fourth Saturday ( 5:30pm to 7:30pm )

Our Meditations are based on the monthly theme and thought form of Ascended and Free, which incorporates our Multidimensional Realities with a focus on our Fifth Dimensional Light Body Consciousness.  Our focus incorporates the I AM teachings brought to us by St. Germain and other Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings through Guy Ballard in the 1930’s. We hold that within the Higher Dimensions of Light, we form an Infinite Circle of Light that is inclusive of all Life–the Gathering of Ascended Humanity and Ascended Mother Earth.  Refer to the website:

meditation room alterOn the second Saturday of the month, we read that month’s Ascended and Free journal, which establishes a particularly powerful Ascended and Free Theme and Forcefield of Divine Light.  We hold this Forcefield and Crystal Vision of Highest Light not only for ourselves but also for Mother Earth and all Life spiritually progressing upon her. Refer to the website:

On the fourth Saturday of the month, our Meditation Gathering consists of a wonderful Ceremony of Light Service where we focus our Attention and Intention on grounding the Ascended and Free Energies from the Forcefield of Light that we have previously established during the second Saturday’s Journal reading. In this Ascended State, we hold the Intention to raise the frequencies of our four lower bodies and expand our Consciousness into the highest Divine Light attainable in the NOW moment.  In our Fifth Dimensional or Light Body Consciousness, we work with all those in the inner realms of light, who are in service to Mother Earth and all Life upon her, to establish the blueprint of Ascension.  Here, we join in Unity Consciousness through the Cohesive Power of Divine Love, where we unite all Life in its Ascended State. “As I Am raised up so is All Life raised up with Me”.
You are invited to join us in person for these Meditation Gatherings along with our Multidimensional Light Discussions.  If you are unable to join us physically, you can always share your gift of Love and Light by joining us by Intention.

Here is September 2015’s meditation which is typical of our monthly meditations based on Ascended and Free particular Theme and Thoughtform of the month. This is only an 10 minute sampling (usually 45 to 50 minutes) of the monthly changing Theme and Thoughtform guided meditations. Monthly meditations will not be available here. We look forward to seeing you on the fourth Saturday of the month.


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For further information about these Meditations and our Multidimensional discussions, you can send an email to:
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