“Mary, Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. All of them are appreciated more than words can express. You have connected the dots for me in regards to my study of Matrix Energetics. You have the ability to open up minds, body and souls all at the same time. Looking forward to your concert tour. Can’t stop listening to the CD’s!” Fair winds, CJ Locarro, Raleigh, N.C.

“Dr. Mary did a fabulous job with explaining the topic and illustrating with the powerpoint presentation. Ending with a healing moment was icing on the cake.” Brenna J., Oriental, N.C.

“All I can say is if you thought about coming and didn’t — shame on you– you missed a wonderful lecture.” Linda P., Raleigh, N.C.

“It was wonderful, enlightening and entertaining.” Griz, Raleigh, N.C.

“Dr. Asterita-Robol’s PowerPoint presentation was exquisite! She made quantum science so easy to understand and completely connected it to how our “consciousness” and “thoughts” create and why energy healing works! Then her specially attuned Angel Harp healing resonated through my body so deeply, I immediately was able to go into a deep meditative state while still holding the video camera! Thank all of you who attended this wonderful presentation and a very special THANK YOU to Dr. Mary, her husband and little brother!”Jeannie Whyte, Raleigh, N.C. (WhyteLightCenter.com)

“Dr. Mary was so calm in her knowledge. It is difficult at best to teach non scientists, science. Thank-you for taking the time, the powerpoint helped me to visualize the science aspect in ways that I could identify what I already knew and connect the dots.. A lovely few hours.” Angela C., Holly Springs, N.C.

“I was looking forward to listening to Dr. Mary in person. It exceeded my expectations of her! Thanks Jeannie for this informative presentation.” Lorraine Perri, Clayton, N.C.

“Dr. Asterita-Robol was a dynamic speaker. Her brother created a beautiful slide show for her talk. She did a great job explaining quantum physics and the implications it has for humans as we progress in our spiritual growth. She received a rare standing ovation.” Grace R., Raleigh, N.C.

“Dr. Asterita-Robol was wonderful! Putting the science in the spirit, and vice-versa, in such a clear and inspiring manner, she had the crowd on it’s feet with a standing ovation at the end! Bravo!” Joy A., Cary, N.C.


The Angel harp meditation and music is enchanting, peaceful and just lovely. I almost slipped into a very deep meditation where I haven’t been in sometime.” Cathy D.

“This music reminds me of ancient times in the Orient, in places of deep spirituality and exquisite sensitivity and beauty.” Cynthia R. S.

“I just love your incredibly beautiful CD. It is soothing, relaxing, and lifts one to higher places.” Louise H.

“Your CD has brought many hours of relaxing enjoyment. Thank you so much.” Douglas R.

“I am in awe of Dr. Mary’s piano music. She is a true classical pianist and a great artist. Her music is such a legacy that brings joy to so many who know” Judie S.

“How incredibly beautiful and relaxing your music is and how rare to be gifted in two different disciplines – music and medicine. Your CD’s are a wonderful musical treasure. Your inspired music has brought us much needed relaxation and healing.” Jim M.

“When I listen to your music, I am very aware how the sounds immediately alter my mood to a place of calm – as if I am being internally soothed.” Anmarie W.